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Part 2: Did You Know?
Did you know that the sound of your voicemakes me smile?
And the words you say to me keep tat face there for a while
Does it comfort you to know that I dream with you?
then I wake up and think "did she just dream too?"
Do you mind if I think about you all day?
Till the time I come home to you and start to play
Did you know that when you sad I feel it?
And it makes me feel like something doesnt fit
Did you know that when you tell me "dont worry about me" I worry the worst
Because theres no other that I care about the most
Do you mind if I sit next to you?
So I can gaze at that beautiful face and wonder "can such a thing be true?"
:iconultimateussj10:ultimateussj10 1 4
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Today's Lesson Is Topography
Hey, tonight's lecture is on topography. Lie back and let me navigate, I've got all the maps. I will lead you down a course, discoursing as we go about those damn fool nights of two shots too many. Tonight's lecture is no story, song, or rhyme but a lesson in math of the wildest kind. The geometry in our curves bends like so. Watch your footing.
Now, I've got some graphs for your ears which require closer examination.  
I knew a dead girl once. Upon meeting her in that dark corner of Serengatto's (it means something in one of those love languages of romance lands) she said
"Do you remember dying?"
and I said
"First I'd like to remember living
lets return to this communiqué
once we find the ground."
I had never played words with a dead girl before.
We made visual love there, on those too small seats of Serengatto's, our eyes conjoining in ways profane and delightful. So I knew her methods and wily means before we even said hello, or what passes for that in these parts. It was
:iconaishuu:Aishuu 277 98
Araujo getting his own back... :iconbishiehunters:bishiehunters 309 104
Mature content
Prologue-Chocolate :iconbishiehunters:bishiehunters 90 107
Paradise, ItseverythingIwanted
Paradise, Its everything I wanted
It takes the tension,
Takes the worry,
Solves the problems,
Everythings perfect.
Very best it gets,
Ends the pain,
Rights the wrongs.
Your mind lets free,
The confusion is gone,
Near nothing but nature,
I wish I didn't have to leave.
Nothing will take it from me,
Gro from it very happy,
I love them all.
Want to stay forever,
A step away,
Nuzzled with love.
Take me there, let me stay.
Ever been there?
Don't ever forget.
:iconskaterfreak00400:skaterfreak00400 1 8
She Will Be Loved. :iconxlostfaith:xlostfaith 25 25 The Pianist :iconlukechueh:lukechueh 2,235 485



i are like art pretty.
United States
Current Residence: in liberal hippy home of san francisco
Operating System: imac
MP3 player of choice: iPoo ...d
  • Listening to: the hum of my refrigerator
  • Watching: weeds season 6
i started to take pictures again. i forgot how much fun i had exploring the depths of my city. i'm glad to have rediscovered the pleasure. although it's been difficult taking still photos because it is so cold and i am constantly shaking! but i made due.

i also started a blog on i want to document my life and look back and see how productive (or unproductive) i've been. it's been successful so far. if you have a tumblr follow me at i don't have anything interesting to say, though, i warn you.

enjoy the next few posts because the frequency of these deviantions are few and far between nowadays.



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